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  • Can I pay in my own currency? (other than USD)
    As for right now it is only possibile to pay in USD on the website. Currency converter works only as a cue for how much the whole order is gonna cost. But worry not :) First check in the basket how much everything is gonna cost. And then: For countries: Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland you can make transaction through Vinted. On instagram send me the screenshot of the items along with final price from your basket Dm me your vinted nick Send the payment for the order (without costs of shipping, they are gonna be covered by VInted) Wait until I will get all of the items and then I will make reservation for you (we post for symbolic 1 PLN) You buy there, I am sending you the items All done! :) (!PL: if one of your items is preorder, you need to pay with the bank transfer or Blik first and wait the given time for them to arrive first. When we'll collect all of the items for you I'll let you know and then I'll post it for you on Vinted for 1 PLN ) For other countries: - you can make a direct payment (including shipping costs) in one of the currencies listed below (as a title put your instagram nick + one of the things from ur order, e.g. cocovise jeans) Account's Holder Name: Karolina Wiktoria Cieplak Paypal bank accounts info: PLN: 10 1140 2004 0000 3402 8109 9682 (blik: 576 989 311) AUD: 716211764 BSB: 802-985 CAD: 200110683091 Transit number:16001 Institution number: 621 GBP: Iban:GB27 TRWI 2314 7048 4642 13 Acc number: 48464213 Sort Code: 23-14-79 HUF: 12600016-17297515-74328155 EUR: Iban:BE14 9671 5548 3383 BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX NZD: 04-2021-0148513-68 RON:RO06 BREL 0005 6017 7998 0100 Bank code: BRELROBUXXX SGD:917-436-8 Bank acc: 0516 USD: 9600000000086932 ACH/Wire: 084009519 How to do it: Send me a screenshot of the items you want along with final price from your basket (including the chosen method of shipping and it's price) Send me all of your shipping info, that means: full name number of building street (optional: state) postcode and city country phone number email (anything else you think should be included) Send the payment Wait for it to arrive All done! :)
  • Can I ask for a return, exchange or refund?
    Due to limited amount of each product all sales are final. If we make a mistake with the order we will always take full responsibility and work to create a solution. Feel free to contact us here or on our instagram @irritated_studio.
  • Will you make more of the same design?
    As for right now 100% of the projects we make is 1 of 1. Repeating the project kills the creative freedom and it's just straight up boring to do the same project all over again. It also feels great to know that you are the only person in the world that have this particular piece of clothing so we want to keep providing our 1 of 1 for you. It might change with time but for rn: first come first served, meaning if project was sold once we are not willing to repeat it. Remember that for additional price you can always request measurements adjustements for already exisiting pairs that you like but are not necesarry your dream fit. Or you can just use a belt.
  • What materials/techniques are used for projects?
    Sewing: (upcycled materials only) mostly heavy weight denim and all good quality fabrics we will find at thrift stores, leather Painting: acrylic fabric paints, fabric medium, leather paints, fabric markers (for outlines) Other designs: heat press, heat press sheets, screenprinting, crocheting, hand stitching, studs, safety pins, chains, belts
  • Are the minifigures/ BrickHeadz/ other building blocks original LEGO?
    Lego is not a producent. All the blocks as well as the minifigures and any parts you'll find here are custom made and they are 100% compatible with the original ones.
  • Can we collab with you?
    When looking for a partner for collab we look for specific things: if the person's content is related to anime/mainstream/what we are selling how big is the person's platform and community (ideally abt 10-14k) if the person knows our brand and if he is a follower We don't want a random person coming to us just hoping to get free items. Every our project takes many many hours to complete and there is only one ever made so we also want them to be worn by people who know our brand and stand behind it's vision. We are checking every single profile individually for content and engagement research. Ideally you are anime/mainstream related streetwear fashion account or account abt Lego/anime. Considering the artistic and monetary value of the shipped garments itself, we can't additionally pay to the person (at least not up front) . Since we are already providing the unique garment valued for 80-140$ that the person will keep + paying for ship and maybe adding some xtras, for right nowthis is the max we can afford as a 1 person business. And it might be it but we figured the other way to do it. The point of the promois to create the traffic surronding either account or the website. That's why we will give you the unique code you can share with your audience, let's say for 5-15% off purchase, and this percentage will be later paid to you with every order that is made thanks to you. If you don't meet our conditions, we are still open to give people a chance
  • How long should I wait?
    Every prordered item has an estimated time of waiting stated near the preorder button. It differs between items. You can also see how much it's gonna take when you'll enter your basket.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship worldwide to every country except Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We ship with Ups, FedEx or postal delivery.
  • Do I need to pay duties and taxes?
    No. After purchase there will be no additional costs. We are taking care of everything so after purchase all you have to do is to wait for courier or postman to come deliver the package to you.
  • Can I track my order?
    If you choose the UPS or FedEx option, as soon as your order has been dispatched you will receive an email confirmation of your shipping details with tracking number. Once you receive this information you can check the status of your shipment. If you are outside PL there is no possibility to precisely track the package with Postal Shipping right now. If you want to check it's status just dm us on insta and we will provide you an update :)
  • How long does it take?
    After dispatching: UPS or FedEx: no longer that 1 week. Usually 2 - 5 working days. Postal delivery : 3 - 21 working days depending on the country of destination. (for reference package from PL to USA takes abt 2 weeks) + If your piece is commissioned or is a preorder, add 2-4 weeks.
  • Can I update the shipping address on my order?
    If your shipping address is insufficient or incorrect, please contact us on instagram or here with the correct address immediately. We cannot guarantee we are able to update your shipping address and are not responsible for insufficient shipping addresses provided. If your package is unable to be delivered, it will likely be returned to us. Once returned, we will contact you for reshipment to an updated shipping address.
  • Postal Delivery
    When choosing this option please keep in mind that the moment order is dispatched, we loose the control over it. We do not take responsibility for possible delays or (in extreme cases) if package get lost.
  • Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?
    Yes, every order over 60$ has a free shipping option
  • How do I wash the clothes?
    All of our clothes could be washed with like regular ones. That means: Jeans/hoodies/jumpers/ T-shirts: washing machine at 40°C. Coats/backpacks/leather jackets: handwashing/dry cleaning. Follow the instructions on tags. How to wash in washing machine: remove any metal elements beforehand turn the garment inside out recommended washing temperature is 40°C (104°F) For finish we always go with acrylics or screenprint so there is no worries abt fading, washing off etc. If there will be any specific instructions regarding the washing you will find them on the garment's page.
  • Why designs on our clothes won't fade?
    Our designs are finished with either acrylic fabric paint or screenprinting. That means no matter what temperature you wash them in, they will never wash out. Using paint to fill up the designs and adding shadows later takes couple times more time than if to do it all with fabric markers but our projects are investements that's why we do everything to provide 1st class durability.
  • Can you adjust the measurements of already existing project for me?
    Of course. We know making 1 of 1 might be limiting... but not for us :) That's why FOR JEANS we offer individual tailoring. After you purchase the project dm us on instagram and for additional payment we can adjust the waist, thight, knee and leg opening in jeans just the way you like. We can also release the hems at the bottom if you are into more raw looking aesthetics. For the raw finish I do it all myself, when the more aesthetic finish is needed, I can bring the pair to the tailor and give you the price. For widening the pants or making them longer I might want to use different color material so I will be asking you abt it before I will do anything. Dm us and let us know what you need :) HERE ARE SOME ESTIMATED PRICES Adding the custom tag on the back (you can send us your own photo) - 4$ FOR RAW FINISH: Flaring/straightening the jeans from thigh to the bottom (with optional hem release) reworking the width of the jeans on the whole length (waist + thigh + knee + leg op 45$ (2$) from thigh to the leg opening 17$ (+2$) from knee to the leg opening 13$ (+2$) Hem release 4$ Shortening the legs ( just cut) 3$
  • How should I read measurements?
    Every piece's default measurements are given in inch so you will came across measurements that may look like this: 34 x 32 The first number (34) is the waist size and the second one (32) is inseam length. To check those measurements in cm look at the chart on your left and you'll get something like this: Waist 34" = 86 cm Inseam 32" = 81 cm Keep in mind: waist size is measured in circuit (doubled size) thigh, knee and leg opening are not measured in circuit (singular size) total length is measured from the top of waist to the leg opening