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About Us


How IRRITATED was created?

 Like lot of small businesses, our also started during 2020 lockdown.

     In January, after dropping out off college in the UK, I just came back to Poland and because of covid I couldn't go back. Not really sure what to do next I was just passing time playing Skyrim or Witcher and mindlessly scrolling through TikTok until I found MLMA's account. She is a korean designer behind Skoot apparel, she makes lot of anime stuff a.o. for Billie Eillish.

     I got interested in what she does and  also wanted to try making custom clothes. I've spend the whole next year learning how to sew, dye and paint clothes in musty, falling-apart, old room very often working till 6/7 am. It started really small; after I've learned screenprinting I started selling some Sailor Moon t-shirts. This way I was able to save some money and buy more equipment and tools to test them out for future customs. 

     I also wanted to start selling worldwide and see if there are people out there who would be interested in pieces I make ( it was very scary at first because of all the things I didn’t know e.g. I had no idea how to ship abroad or how to communicate well with clients 🥶🥶). So I put some of my customs on Grailed and Depop and eventually it got off from here.

     It's still bumpy sometimes, there are worse and better months but that's just the way it is in the artistic fields and also self-employement. Sometimes I just don't wanna do anything, make TikToks and I start comparing myself to other artist. But that's normal. The only thing that matters is if you'll keep going regardless all of that.

     Seeing people hyped about my art genuinely gives me the motivation I need in order to keep going. I'm super grateful for all of your support; it's the reason why three years later I'm still learning and upgrating so I can deliver you the very best of my projects.  

     The awareness that my work can accompany people through their lives, travel with them, be a witness to most crucial parts of life - it blows my mind every single time.

I hope you are having an amazing day, lots of love 

~ Kara 💕

Meet Our Rainbow Team
(we all gay)

kara red.png

This is where it all started back in 2020.

It’s not all roses and I am still looking forward to renovate this place.

This room was previosly used by my grandparents for tobacco sorting.

After they retired, they let me use it so I can have a quiet place for work. 


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